How to Pick the Perfect Yoga Retreat for You!


Yoga retreats have become increasingly popular, presenting themselves as the perfect place to get away for a weekend (or a couple of weeks). Whether or not you’re an experienced yogi, you’ll be able to find a retreat that works for you. There are yoga retreats all over the world and they’re geared toward different aspects and types of yoga. It’s important to choose the yoga retreat best for you, because it can greatly help you with your personal yoga journey. Take some time to consider what you want to gain from your yoga retreat.


One of the most important parts of choosing your preferred yoga retreat is deciding on your ideal location. There are yoga retreats across the world, so you can choose virtually any climate or location you prefer. Figure out what your price range is (you can still find a great yoga retreat even if you can’t afford to travel to an exotic location) and go from there.

Type of yoga

There are nearly endless options when it comes to the type of yoga you’ll be doing on your retreat. Make sure it’s a kind you can do, since you’ll be spending a significant amount of time doing these moves. You could choose restorative, modern, vinyasa, or ashtanga yoga for your retreat, but again, make sure you’re familiar with the type of yoga being performed! You don’t want to pay and end up at a retreat that’s far out of your comfort zone.

Intensity level

Once you decide the type of yoga, you’ll need to choose the intensity level. Will it be quick movements from pose to pose or a more relaxed class? How many hours a day will you be spending doing yoga? Decide what intensity level you’re comfortable with before scheduling your retreat.


Maybe you can only take a weekend away from home or maybe you’ll be gone a couple of weeks. However long you want to spend at your yoga retreat, decide what the duration of your trip will be and then look for your retreat! Once you’ve answered all these questions, you’ll have a clear idea of what you’re looking for in a retreat.


While you may not personally know the yoga instructor who’s leading a retreat, do some research on the person before you commit. Check out reviews from people who previously spent time at the yoga retreat. Find an instructor that you’re comfortable with and feel like you’ll be able to ask for help if you need it.


Finally, it’s important to decide what kind of accommodations you want. Do you want to sleep in a cabin or a sparse tent, where you’re completely one with nature? What kind of food are you looking to enjoy – a full vegan diet for the duration of the retreat or the freedom of a glass of wine in the evening? It’s also important to decide whether or not your retreat will be your only activity or if you’d like to go somewhere that you can do other activities.