Fighting Prejudice through Martial Arts

When you hear the term martial arts, the first thing that comes to your mind is Asia and particularly China and Japan, right? Don’t worry you are not alone on this. Martial art has been in existence for a very long time, and it’s a form of combat.

Every community in the world even before civilization had its way of combat. Martial art is a general term referring to the many forms of training for combat in an arranged and systematic manner. The training is supposed to enable one to defeat an opponent while defending themselves against threats physically.

The term martial derives its name from the Roman word Mars who was a Roman war god.What you didn’t know about martial art is it not only leaves your body relaxed and refreshed, you also learn a lot about discipline and respect.

Training for martial arts makes one respect other people enough not to pick up a fight. Some of the fundamentals of martial arts are resilience and calmness. You might be considering to take a martial arts lesson so as to get an edge in a street fight, right?  Once you start the lessons and get to know the art, you will most likely avoid a fight even when provoked to start one.

No one has exemplified how martial arts can help fight prejudice than a group of young women in Kabul, Afghanistan. The group practice Wushu, a form of martial arts that was developed by ancient Chinese Kung Fu Masters. The art mostly involves stretching, bending and slashing of air with swords.

Afghanistan is famous for discouraging sports amongst women. However, these group of women will not hear of that and are fighting their way against this type of prejudice. The Shaolin Wushu Club is the only club in Kabul that allows women to train in their gym in a capital inhabited by the Hazara Ethnic group community.

The lead trainer, Sima Azimi, says the training teaches the women on how to defend themselves in a case of attack.Training for the ladies is not a walk in the park. They suffer all manner of harassment from the community in a bid to discourage them from the sport. However, most of them are motivated to succeed which helps in keeping them in training. Sima Azimi ambition is to see the Afghan girls participate in international competitions.